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Integrated report
and financial statements 2012

Key features 2012

Mondi’s high-quality, well-invested assets and its focus on low-cost production continue to be major competitive advantages. Mondi delivered underlying operating profit of €568 million and achieved a return on capital employed of 13.7%.

Achieve leading market positions

  • Acquisition of Nordenia represents a significant step in the development of a leading consumer packaging business
  • Acquisition of two corrugated packaging operations in Germany and the Czech Republic reinforces Mondi’s strong central European footprint in corrugated packaging

Maintain a high-quality, low-cost asset base

  • Acquisition of the remaining non-controlling interest in Mondi Świecie
  • Acquisition of heat and energy operation at Mondi Świecie
  • Approximately €300 million committed to energy related and debottlenecking projects
  • 83% of upstream paper assets located in emerging markets offering clear and sustainable cost advantages

Grow through customer-focused development

  • Acquisition of Nordenia contributes significantly to developing products to meet customer needs
  • New consumer packaging plant in Taicang, China under construction to support an existing global customer
  • €70 million planned investment in a 155,000 tonne per annum bleached kraft paper machine in Štĕti, Czech Republic

Continuous focus on performance

  • Production and efficiency records in numerous operations
  • Sale of our 50% interest in Aylesford Newsprint
  • Cost base reduced in absolute terms for past four years adjusted for acquisitions and disposals

Group performance: delivering into our strategy