Our business model

The Mondi Way [diagram]

We use the Mondi Way to visualise how our purpose, strategy and operational framework fit together, underpinned by our shared culture and values. This framework guides the way in which we work, facilitating an understanding of how each and every Mondi employee contributes to our sustainable value creation.


To create solutions for our customers’ success, delivering exceptional value in a sustainable way.


We aim to exceed our 13% hurdle rate of return on capital employed through the business cycle, thus creating value for our shareholders. Our clear and consistent strategy demonstrates the required combination of focus and flexibility to deliver results. For more information on our strategic framework, see our strategy in action.

The Mondi Way [diagram]

The Mondi DiamondThe Mondi Diamond

Our operational framework, the Mondi Diamond, focuses on five elements that drive our performance across all areas of our business.

Operational excellence

Our benchmarking, processes and monitoring systems are designed to continuously improve productivity, quality, reliability and cost competitiveness across our business.

Focus areas
  • Maximising equipment and process efficiencies
  • Delivering on quality and productivity expectations
  • Improving cost competitiveness

People development

For us to succeed as a globally competitive organisation, we need skilled, trained and committed people, who are able to undertake jobs safely and productively as they fulfil their potential.

Focus areas
  • Inspiring and developing people
  • Promoting excellence in leadership
  • Shaping our culture as we embrace diversity

Sustainable development

Sound principles governing safety; business conduct; and social, environmental and economic practices are integral to our business. We comply with or exceed local regulatory standards wherever we operate.

Focus areas
  • Achieving zero harm and providing a healthy work environment
  • Minimising environmental impacts and engaging in sustainable forestry
  • Putting social responsibility into practice

Cutting edge products

Our Research and Development centres are focused on developing innovative processes and solutions. Working with customers, strategic partners, suppliers and research institutes, we constantly anticipate new technologies and offer cutting edge products.

Focus areas
  • Listening to our customers to deliver exceptional value
  • Creating competitive advantages with leading, high-quality products and brands
  • Leveraging our expertise as we create tailor-made solutions

Customer focus

We are reliable and we keep the promises we make. We are the trusted partner of a host of leading brands, as well as small and medium sized companies. Our customers value our quality, cost competitiveness and business ethics.

Focus areas
  • Understanding market and customer needs
  • Striving for flawless service and on-time delivery
  • Facilitating sustainable partnerships and measuring success

Risk management

Our risk management framework helps us to identify risks and ensure that mitigation plans are in place for risks with a high likelihood of occurrence and/or potential impact. Further details are set out under the risk management section and the DLC audit committee report under Corporate governance.