Our products

Mondi is a full-range supplier of pulp, packaging and paper products to multiple industries. Our customer focus, experience and ongoing research deliver proactive, high-quality and cost-competitive solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. Our products touch the lives of millions of people, worldwide, everyday.

Packaging paper products

Group revenue contribution

Our packaging paper products comprise a wide range of virgin and recycled containerboard for conversion into corrugated board, boxes, trays and displays as well as kraft paper for conversion into industrial bags, consumer packaging and other paper-based products.



FIBROMER® is a polymer reinforced with cellulose fibre, meaning it is strong, lightweight and stable. FIBROMER® is a sustainable alternative to talcum or glass fibre reinforced plastic for injection moulding applications, and was developed in response to our customers’ changing needs.

Fibre packaging products

Group revenue contribution

Our paper-based downstream operations manufacture and sell a range of corrugated packaging products, industrial bags, extrusion coatings and siliconised release liners for a variety of consumers and industrial applications.


 Product security

Globally, product piracy rates are increasing and it has become a significant issue facing the building products industry – one of our most important customer markets. The need for an innovative anti-piracy solution for these customers was clear, and we developed three products that provide these customers with the security they seek: SmartID Bag; Security Label Bag; and Multi-Feature Bag.

Consumer packaging products

Group revenue contribution

We are a global leading innovative solutions provider of hygiene components, speciality films and consumer flexible packaging.



PerfoamPack is a unique co-extruded polyethylene film with a micro-cellular expanded middle layer, which lowers weight without reducing thickness. Its advanced manufacturing technology achieves a superb yield in packaging. It significantly reduces the use of raw materials, by up to 20%, which translates into a lighter film with a direct cost reduction and a much improved carbon footprint.

Uncoated fine paper products

Group revenue contribution

Our uncoated fine paper products consist of a wide range of quality papers for use in offices and professional printing. All uncoated fine paper brands are part of the Green Range, developed in response to customer demand for environmentally responsible products.


 DNS high-speed inkjet

This range of papers is tailor made for professional high-speed inkjet printing. Combined with our colour management expertise and ink formulations, we optimise our customers’ printing performance.

The industries we serve

  • Food and
  • Building and
  • Home and
    personal care
  • Paper and
  • Medical and
  • Automotive
  • Pet care
  • Chemicals and
    dangerous goods
  • Office and
    printing paper
  • Graphic and